My Name Is Helena

I am a Visual Strategist and professional Digital Graphic Recorder.
My mission is to support others through my graphics in unfolding their potential with joy and to create special visual experiences.

I love to draw key content into visibility and clarity in a way that is fun and immediate!

GraPhic Recording

live handdrawn visualisation with word-image combinations



 vivid graphic recording stimulate conversations and the structured content makes what was said tangible and debatable



we remember combinations of text and images best and they are available quickly when seen again


Creativity is contagious!
A free creative spirit is like a brush with which you can freely paint new solutions and ideas


Panel Talks


events & science mix

Create new Ideas &
Solve big problems together

visualised subjects

people speaking to each other

"Can I learn this?" (yes!)

coffe cups emptied


Creating live visuals demands full attention. but there is more to it 😉

Graphic Recording was invented around the 1970s in the United States, as a tool for consultation and development

The goal is to accompany a process, show content, create meta levels and to make these available to the group or the audience as an overall picture.

The essential points are filtered out.



  • processing information- 90%
  • memory- 77%
  • visual vocabulary – 85%

Lets start something new.
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